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World of Warcraft Free-to-Play Through Level 20

Blizzard has eliminated the Free 10 day trial in favor of a free-to-play “Starter Edition” option that lets you have unlimited play with some restrictions like level 20 cap, only able to earn up to 10 gold, unable to trade … Continue reading

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Meet the Hunter (no relation to…)

Don’t let the “Meet the Hunter” title fool you into thinking this is a TF2xWoW video, no it is not, but what it is, is funny. One of the funnest WoW machinima I’ve ever seen me thinks. So well made … Continue reading

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Four person co-op hack’n'slash…

Apparently the strongest reason to play (by far) is the co-op / squad based combat. Without it the game wouldn’t be worth playing. Would anyone else be interested in something like this? The demo is available on steam. Gamespot’s Darkspore … Continue reading

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SWG to be euthanized end of 2011.

Dear Star Wars Galaxies™ Community Member, We write to you today to inform you that on December 15, 2011, Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) and LucasArts will end all services (MMO and Trading Card Game) for Star Wars Galaxies (SWG). The … Continue reading

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TF2 Free Week— wait what?

Oh. TF2 is free forever.  

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Meet the Medic (is here)

I think this coincides with some update or something, but I don’t care, it’s 100% entertainment, bless you Valve & your giant baboon heart.

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Benedict Cumberbatch is Smaug

Benedict Cumberbatch will be the voice of Smaug in Peter Jackson’s Hobbit films. He can be currently seen in the BBC show “Sherlock“, a contemporary update of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes detective stories. Martin Freeman who is playing … Continue reading

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Duke Nukem Forever Review

Yes, it’s finally here… Regardless of the mixed reviews I see this game get, It’s pretty fucking awesome. Whoever doesn’t like obviously didn’t play the first one OR was expecting some sort of god-like behemoth of a game that would … Continue reading

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WiiU Announcement

Ok so Nintendo announced the release of their new home console, the WiiU. Wait though, isn’t that just a controller? Are they making another home console based on a peripheral idea? The Wii is just a Gamecube with a special … Continue reading

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APB Reloaded Review

APB was originally released in June of 2010. Three months later in September they announced they were shutting down the servers without giving a date or a reason. K2 Network bought the rights to the game shortly after and are … Continue reading

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