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Donation Incentives: New Shirt Design!

Our new MoodleZed shirt is available! The larger sizes were just a tad bit more expensive but I think the average price per shirt was about $13. I figure a suggested donation of $15 dollars per shirt will cover the … Continue reading

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Dead Island Preorder Available

I know I shouldn’t get myself too excited about it. Especially since it doesn’t seem like it’s going to have any multiplayer options. Perhaps it’s ’cause I’ve waited for this game for so long? Perhaps because it looks like it’s … Continue reading

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Humble Indie Bundle #3

Pay what you want for 5 indie games – even $0 – or donate it all to a gaming charity : Includes a steam key to activate all of the games on steam. Personally, this one really caught my … Continue reading

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Dragon Nest

The next game I’m interested in is Dragon Nest. Open beta starts tomorrow at 2pm CST. It’s free to play / action / third person. There are elements of a lot of different games in it, including: Dragon Saga, Vindictus … Continue reading

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Station 37

An interesting neato indie game. Another great find by Shin. Enjoy! Download it on it’s homepage here for Free.

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avatar Behold! The Portal 2 soundtrack, volume 2 is now available for free download. Eighteen more monumental songs from such a lovely game! Enjoy the hell out of it even more, or I’ll put you in the chamber where all … Continue reading

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The Craft of War: Blind

The Craft of War: BLIND from percula on Vimeo. This machinima is from 2008, but is it still regarded as one of the best World of WarCraft machinima. A lot of effort went into it, so even though it’s around … Continue reading

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A Very Special Gamer PSA

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The Steam Summer Camp Sale

Daily deals as well as some general sale prices. I’m looking for Portal 2′s daily deal personally. What about you? Bioshock 2 today for $5 Monday Night Combat 75% off today if anyone missed the last sale. Among the 12 … Continue reading

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