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Indie Royale – the REALLY BIG BUNDLE

What is Indie Royale? Indie Royale is an indie game bundle website that offers up four top-quality indie titles every two weeks for you to purchase at seriously silly prices. All you need to do is pay the price stated … Continue reading

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I still like Killing Floor

Ok, so the game is a few years old now. In fact it’s 7 years old. Well, sorta. It began as an Unreal 2004 mod until Tripwire picked it up and ported it to their Red Orchestra engine in 2009. … Continue reading

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Dead Island: Final Thoughts

Finished it! Albeit more of a personal preference, I think the game really shines in coop mode. For sure in the most obvious/logical sense that all the voice acting and cut scenes assume there are four heroes. I completed about … Continue reading

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‘Cause we love Ronald Jenkees! I stumbled upon Sequence a bit ago on steam. It’s a rhythm based game with strong RPG elements, fully compatible with current rhythm gamepads and most importantly a soundtrack by Ronald Jenkees and some other … Continue reading

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ATTENTION: Steamed Hacked!

Story Via Joseph Luster Steam Hacked, Encrypted Credit Card and Password Info Accessed Better change those passwords just in case. UPDATE: Though everyone should take the necessary precautions, I wanted to make it clear that the data stored in … Continue reading

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Hardware/Software Exchange

Building a second computer? Need a new video card? Have computer parts taking up closet space? Extra copies of something on Steam? Giving away free? Want to barter? Trying to sell? Most of us build a new computer every few … Continue reading

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Grand Theft Auto V Teaser Released.

Short n’ sweet, we returning to the sunny state of San Andreas. The song is the title track from the 1968 album “Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake”, by the British band The Small Faces. 1968, that title about fits about right … Continue reading

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The Humble Voxatron Debut

Yet another Humble Bundle. Since this morning it’s already added two games, I’m guessing they’ll have at least 5 again by the time the sale ends. As always Humble Bundle’s feature: – Cross platform. All games in the Humble Voxatron … Continue reading

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