World of WarCraft: Mists of Pandaria

As giddy as I was over the updates that Cataclysm brought, Mists of Pandaria brings the story back to it’s roots, WarCraft roots, Humans Vs. Orcs, Alliance Vs. Horde, war is coming, & I’m exited as hell. I’ve seen past the Kung Fu Panda/Pokemon crap that haters spout & seen it’s potential, besides, the Pandaren were around long before Po. Anyway, I am going to enjoy it, & that’s all that matters.

I also might enjoy Guild Wars 2 at the same time! *GASP*

A lot has changed since the early days of WoW, which makes me think, some of you left in the old days because you were annoyed with the old ways, now that it’s changed… maybe… not likely, that’s what I thought.

On the other side of this coin, I get annoyed when people get all nostalgic for the good old days & that WoW is too easy now, it’s for kids, (/facepalm, it’s always been for kids, IT’S RATED T FOR TEENS!), or what ever. Funny thing is if you ask anyone that’s played from the start, a lot of it was shit. I may not have play as long, but I remember things, like having to level weapons, do you know how annoying it is when you find a great weapon of a class you haven’t used yet, go learn it, then level it till it was usable at your level… oh glory days. Then people bitch that Dungeon/raid finder makes it too easy! Yes, I heard it was so fun rounding up 40 people with nothing but chat.

Sorry, sorry. I get a little pissed with the internet sometimes, & all these people bitching, if you don’t like it, stop playing, go away, why are you paying for something you bitch about so much, why do you have a character at max level will full endgame gear on if you hate it so damn much?! WHY?!

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5 Responses to World of WarCraft: Mists of Pandaria

  1. ich ich says:

    ‘Cause if they stop playing, then what would they bitch about!?

    Real world problems? /gasp

  2. jadin jadin says:

    I don’t wish it was harder, (it was too hard originally for me). But I DO wish for the old style combat. Every class has a pet now (I hate pets). Every class has a reactive gameplay element now. It makes me basically stare at my toolbar waiting for the skills to highlight. I liked being able to completely ignore my toolbar and just play by memory what needed to be cast next. (I liked leveling weapons for the record, gave me something to do. I even found a good strategy just for it. But I can’t say I miss that either)

    But I didn’t bitch about it, I just quit. Watching the pandaria video does nothing for me. All I see is the same old gameplay still around. I can’t wait for a game to have true interaction with your characters. Ich told me about an RPG once that you had to cast runes to cast a spell (you had to draw the rune shape with your mouse, and in the frantic heat of battle, sometimes you screwed up drawing the rune). Something like that. If I want to do a fancy sword attack I want to do something similar, click and drag in a attack pattern or something.

    In WoW, and most other MMOs right now, it’s very basic combat. Click a toolbar hotkey, see your character cast a spell, or perform a melee maneuver. It’s boring and far too simplistic.

    If you ever played Oni, that’s the kind of combat gameplay I want in an MMO. I believe a lot of console games have similar controls. Such as pressing a specific combo to perform a specific attack. (up up down down left right left right b a = hammer of death (for example)). Something like that.

    In the meantime I’ll keep playing my other games waiting for my ‘perfect game’. I don’t think WoW will ever be that game, but perhaps Blizzard’s “next-gen MMO” could be it. Who knows. For now I’ll just keep playing D3 and trying to make money with my video gaming.

  3. Monster Man Monster Man says:

    Not to get nit picky, but only about 4 out of 11 classes use any type of pets.

    I appreciate the non-bitching clause, I respect that, I don’t expect everyone to stick around, you can never have 100% with anything. I how ever will likely be there to the bitter end, whenever & whoever that comes to first, I simply like it for what it is & that is all, I accept it’s faults & cleverness, frustration & enjoyment, I embrace it all, that’s just me.

    And with that, I think I’m going to stop promoting anything WoW here, it’s a lost cause. I may never have long term IRL friends play, but at least I have a good guild, & there is a community out there that still has love for the game like I do, so I bid thee WoW post farewell, adieu, owakare, & goodnite.

  4. jadin jadin says:

    Pretty much all of them have a temporary pet now. Mages have ice elemental, priests have shadow fiend, paladins have a angelic thingy. I avoided these types of pets as much as possible, but it got to the point where almost every class had one.

    I’m not referring to permanent hunter/warlock style pets for the record.

  5. jadin jadin says:

    Also for the record WoW took a good 4 (5?) years of my life. I would take breaks every so often but when I’d come back it was (almost) as good as new. So I’m not berating WoW in anyway, just explaining why I eventually left. A part of me wishes I could enjoy it like I once did, but it doesn’t look like that will happen.

    I don’t think WoW deserves even a fraction of the flak it gets from a lot of people. It was (is?) the number one subscription MMO in America for most of it’s lifetime. And it deserves to be when you compare it to the competition. I would try MMO after MMO and always quit and go back to the old ‘tried and true’. Very few games can compete with it on quality or content for that matter.

    Adieu. To you and you and you.

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