Guild Wars 2, why the hell are you not playing it?

Er, I mean, who’s going to playing!

I got in on the 3 day head start & it is fun, it’s different. It feels like a blend between single player & MMO, & the more I play, the more fun it gets, example; I was just running along after finishing some other business, & I spotted some players escorting a caravan, so I helped! No need to grab a quest, fight monsters with no rewards, no need to party up, (you can though), you just dive in. I didn’t have too, I could have ran along my merry way with out a care, but I felt compelled to help, so I did & it was fun! That is just one example of what makes this game so enjoyable, there are countless more.

Click the logo to find out more, it officially launches this Tuesday.

/ps: To me, it only feels like Guild Wars 1 in lore, there might be some similarities, but it’s been so long since I played the original that I can’t say for sure, whatever it was if there was something, it was likely what worked, if that makes any sense. So if you were like me & did not really enjoy GW1, then you’re in luck, because I’m having a blast.

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4 Responses to Guild Wars 2, why the hell are you not playing it?

  1. Monster Man Monster Man says:

    I must add, I’ve notice something else quite remarkable, when you are losing a fight, you fall down, you can still fight back in a limited fashion after falling, (kind of like last stand in the CoD series). So you have a chance to get back up, but if it’s too much, you are “defeated”, in which you can respawn at the nearest waypoint.

    However, you can also be revived from other players, no special skills needed. The more players that help, the faster you are revived, & let me tell you, it is something else to see a bunch of total strangers come rushing to your aid, & I’ve done the same in return, it’s a great feeling!

    It seems they have set up a game that has a great way to help each other without much hassle, I feel like we may be strangers, but were in this together.

  2. jadin jadin says:

    My wife just got it today, wants me to play. My only real reason for not is because I can make actual dollars playing diablo. :p I’m sure she’ll get me to play sooner than later regardless.

  3. ich ich says:

    When the money situation isn’t so tight…

    I’ve heard good things from multiple sources now.

  4. ich ich says:

    Got Borderlands 2. GW2 is next big purchase.

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