Natural Selection 2


As you probably know, Natural Selection 2 is an indie developed RTS/FPS mash up.

Unknown Worlds had a great idea to populate their game upon launch. Anyone who pre-purchased Natural Selection 2 has received a giftable free copy of the game, as of a couple weeks ago. 45 thousand copies apparently.

Who wants mine?

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2 Responses to Natural Selection 2

  1. Clove says:

    I have one too, if MonsterMan doesn’t claim it.

    They’ve announced the 1.0 release date: October 31st 2012
    with lots of “planned, but post 1.0″ features and updates to be added in the months to come.

  2. Monster Man Monster Man says:

    *Raises hand* Oh oh, pick me, pick me!

    *Ah-hem* Indeed I would be honored to receive your extra copy Sir Clove.

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