Moodle Gathering IX!

What’s up Moodle?!

So it’s winter and we need a gathering. I don’t think we’re up for a huge gathering this year, as I don’t have connections in town for any spaces and such. So… I think Clove and I are going to have a gaming weekend at our place instead. Board games, some consoles, magic, etc.

We’re thinking January 4/5/6

So what are your thoughts Moodlers? Comments? Suggestions?

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5 Responses to Moodle Gathering IX!

  1. Vince says:

    I’m in town, and would love to get together with the ol’krew!

  2. Clove says:

    What the Fuxe?!

    That’d be rad.

    I like games.

  3. ich ich says:

    Where are we doing the planning? I can bring stuff.

    Also, in the past we planned for the last weekend off for students. I don’t remember why exactly but i think it had to do with twinkie or yvgar.

  4. loris says:

    I haven’t heard back from too many people yet, but I took the weekend off so the date is set in stone! I’m making lasagna, one meat, one veggie, some munchies as well. Was thinking of ordering some Bawls online, love that stuff.
    I’ll be posting more as we get closer here as well. Feel free to contact me on Facebook or by email with any questions!

  5. loris says:

    It’s only 1 week away Moodlers!

    Friday night, Saturday night, possibly some Sunday games too. I’m talking to Ich this coming Sunday about the gaming setup. Gonna talk him into borrowing his Xbox I think for some console fun. I’ll give an update on what games we have on Sunday.

    Here’s a list of attendees that I know of so far:

    Vince, maybe his brother?

    Hey Twinkie, how about Egg/Jack??

    I know not everyone sees this post in moodleweb. I’m going to copy it into Facebook also and e-mail it out too. Spread the word. Everyone is welcome!

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