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“Duluthpocalypse” as coined by Kris and Shana (aka lithis and Shana) On the off chance someone _hasn’t_ heard… I collected images all day. Flood Collection of Images There’s also plenty of video about it if you’re interested.

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Bundle Wars

[UPDATE] Steam’s Potato Sack Reunion – 13 hit indie games together in one pack. Plus one of it’s best features : Already own any of the games in this pack? Give your extra copy to a friend. Two¬†THREE (see update … Continue reading

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Hardware/Software Exchange

Building a second computer? Need a new video card? Have computer parts taking up closet space? Extra copies of something on Steam? Giving away free? Want to barter? Trying to sell? Most of us build a new computer every few … Continue reading

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MWeb uses member donations to pay for all the community’s online expenses, printing T shirts, and purchasing supplies for the summer/winter .M. Gatherings. In the past we’ve rented servers but as it stands now we’re only paying for web hosting … Continue reading

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