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Guild Wars 2, why the hell are you not playing it?

Er, I mean, who’s going to playing! I got in on the 3 day head start & it is fun, it’s different. It feels like a blend between single player & MMO, & the more I play, the more fun … Continue reading

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Diablo III

Greetings Jadin (Akiwoodoh), Congratulations on your successful auction in Diablo III! Item name 1 Saracen’s Link Time of transaction 20 Jun 2012 03:15 PM PDT Sale price $1.25 Transaction fee $1.00 Transfer fee $0.04 Applicable taxes $0.00 Your proceeds $0.21 The proceeds … Continue reading

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Bundle Wars

[UPDATE] Steam’s Potato Sack Reunion – 13 hit indie games together in one pack. Plus one of it’s best features : Already own any of the games in this pack? Give your extra copy to a friend. Two THREE (see update … Continue reading

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Light the Torches… with Friends! (pre-order)

After three years of waiting the sequel is approaching. Now we can light our ember torches with the help of up to 8 friends – [citation needed] compared with Diablo III which only allows up to 4 [citation needed]. Looking … Continue reading

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Path of Exile (public stress test this weekend)

I’ve been playing this closed beta for a while now.  If you haven’t tried it or heard of it, it’s a lot like Titan Quest, but has a gigantic skill tree and handles things quite a bit differently.  The open … Continue reading

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Moodle Monday (Realm of the Mad God) Edition

- 8 bit MMO – the entire game is 39 MB – free to play – on steam – hardcore – hack’n’slash – co-op You login and your first character is a wizard. You play the wizard until you die … Continue reading

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SW:TOR – Space Battles (and other minor updates)

I dove into the flight combat in SW:TOR head first. Overall, not bad, not bad at all. The space combat in SW:TOR is not like most star wars games. Some will hate the changes, but I personally find it’s an … Continue reading

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“Spoiler Alert?” Diablo III opening cinematic!

Enjoy. (I’m) Supper pumped! youtube diablo 3 opening cinematic.

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Skyrim in the knee, a dubstep song…

The now classic line from Skyrim: “I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow in the knee.” is now a pretty cool dubstep song. Rameses B – Skyrim In The Knee (FREE) by Rameses B

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Dead Island: Final Thoughts

Finished it! Albeit more of a personal preference, I think the game really shines in coop mode. For sure in the most obvious/logical sense that all the voice acting and cut scenes assume there are four heroes. I completed about … Continue reading

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