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Jean-Pierre Jeunet is a genius from another planet.

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No goddammit, NO!

I’m talking Star Was, & it isn’t good friends.  I never hated George Lucas, he really annoyed me with some of his choices. The prequel trilogy was mostly garbage, but I let myself enjoy some of it. I found the … Continue reading

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Benedict Cumberbatch is Smaug

Benedict Cumberbatch will be the voice of Smaug in Peter Jackson’s Hobbit films. He can be currently seen in the BBC show “Sherlock“, a contemporary update of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes detective stories. Martin Freeman who is playing … Continue reading

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The Hobbit

Right from Peter Jackson’s Facebook page; 2 production stills featuring the man himself in Bilbo’s home, Beg End some 60 years prior to the The Lord of the Rings. Principal photography on The Hobbit began today! I’m real excited about … Continue reading

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New Releases

Rango Starring Timothy Olyphant, Bill Nighy, Stephen Root, and some guy named Johnny Depp. Early trailers did not inspire me, but recent ones have me leaning towards this being OK. Animation looks meh, but interesting lighting and good quality production … Continue reading

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