.M. Gatherings

Game together in real life too! Just like real people.

Next .M. Gathering: June 23rd

Location: Minnesota
What is a Moodle Gathering? Much of the idea behind MWeb is that we’re not anonymous faceless people who act thusly(no consequences). We’re real people who want to treat others with mutual respect. A natural extension of that is to meet face to face with the community members you’ve been playing online games with for so long. So far, all of our summer gatherings have been outdoor events: paintballing, gaming around the fire and sleeping in tents/campers.  The winter gatherings are indoor.  We’ve done a few different things in the past; LAN Center, Arcade, Console Gaming Center.  Though Board Games, Card Games, etc, pretty much anything tabletop, is the emerging constant theme. So far all of our gatherings have been somewhere in MN but we hope to someday be able to host a gathering in another state. We’ve been very lucky with the number of out-of-staters that have made the trek to attend in the past. Cheers!

Past .M. Gathering Galleries:

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