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[ Songs to TEST by ]
avatar The portal 2 soundtrack volume 1 is free to for your downloading pleasure. Twenty two stellar songs from a stellar game! Enjoy the hell out of it or I’ll send you a crate of combustible lemons. I mean it.

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The Prequels Sucked

Old news, I know, but the Star Wars prequels were an incredible let down. Harry S. Plinkett sums up the reasons why Revenge of the Sith, along with the previous prequels, were so terrible: Star Wars: Episode III Review

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One Hill of a City…

Some folks here in my hometown are producing a campaign based on the city’s different locales. The campaign starts at the University and makes it’s way down through our tourist trap Canal Park. Players end up getting rescued somewhere over … Continue reading

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Brink Review

A few days into it: So, I’m still not sure how I personally prefer to organize my game reviews. Start with the pros and work to cons? Vice versa? I guess a small description of the game would make the … Continue reading

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Space Civs

Does anyone have an opinion on whether the following are any good or better than one of the others: Sword of the Stars Galactic Civilization Armada 2526 Because I really liked Sins of a Solar Empire and am looking forward … Continue reading

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whos gunna be playin it when it comes out in like a week o.o?!?!

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Word Press vs Google Blogger

So apparently the smooth scrolling problem is only with Chrome. I scroll fine in IE9, and only very slight problem in FF. (It feels like it scrolls 2 lines instead of 3, could just be a FF setting, but it’s … Continue reading

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