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No goddammit, NO!

I’m talking Star Was, & it isn’t good friends.  I never hated George Lucas, he really annoyed me with some of his choices. The prequel trilogy was mostly garbage, but I let myself enjoy some of it. I found the … Continue reading

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Monday AMV: Soul Eater – This Is Halloween

Since Halloween is coming up in, like, 2 months, I though I’d post this AMV I just found for Soul Eater since I did a post for it a while back. Usually I don’t care for AMVs (Anime Music Vidoes), … Continue reading

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Aliens: Colonial Marines

I think this is the Aliens game I’ve been waiting for, it just took 25 years. Game over, man? No son, game on, then when I finish it, then game over… man.

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OK Go + Muppets = Awesome

This is OK Go doing The Muppet Show theme song, seems kind a funny since Clove used a Muppets picture in his last post. Enjoy phoos!

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It’s the Principal of the Thing

Doing something for the principal rarely sits well with me. I still remember watching The People’s Court (Judge Wapner style) as a kid and seeing some codger sue a vending machine operator for 75 cents. Why the defendant just didn’t … Continue reading

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