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GTA4 Carmageddon 2…

Or, “when the physics of reality go to hell”. I got a laugh. Hollywood should make a movie about this, a horror movie, no explanations, just have the guy running around yelling “Seriously, what the hell!” a lot. So, in … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween from “The Cat with Hands”!**

**DISCLAIMER: Once watched it cannot be unwatched. Not responsible for any unconformable feelings or suspicions regarding your cat, or any nightmares viewing said video, that being said, this is not as bad as some of those disgusting things they do … Continue reading

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Google+ versus Facebook

Google+ just keeps getting better for me. They now added a “what’s hot on google+” to my daily stream. Now I get some interesting stuff added from complete strangers. On facebook it’s nothing but ‘junk’ it seems – I’m sorry … Continue reading

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Jean-Pierre Jeunet is a genius from another planet.

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StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Teaser

Warning: **SPOILERS** (if you haven’t played part one) Oh, this is getting my juices flowing, I loved “Wings of Liberty”.

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Oh snap! The New Diablo III Cinematic!

More like oh, shit… I love it. Also, within minutes of finding out, I did the “annual pass” on my World of WarCraft subscription, with no change to what I pay already, the only thing that’s different is that I’m … Continue reading

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Donations of another sort…

I’ve been cleaning my apartment and found the remnants of at least 2 or 3 old PCs. Amongst the findings is a fairly new video card that I don’t know what to do with. Efforts to sell it to friends have failed, and I really don’t want the hassle of selling to a stranger.

Talking with Ich about it, we both decided it would be cool to setup a Moodle hardware (& software?) donation system. I have a feeling that amongst all Moodlers, we have several complete PCs worth of good condition parts that are not being used right now.

Possible ideas:
- Compile the fragments and build fully working PCs
- Keep them as parts
- Sell the oldest parts and add the funds to the Moodle account to be used for other things

- people are welcome to upgrade whatever they want, donating their old equipment
- keep them as parts for emergency situations, person X’s computer just died, we replace the failed parts
- people donate with their own stipulations as to what is to be done with the donation
- donate full PCs to those without one at all
- use the full PCs at Moodle gatherings etc

Possible problems:
- multiple people want a specific part (possible solution: keep the exact parts list hidden, people post what they want/need and we see if we have it in stock)
- where to keep the stockpile of parts, depending on how popular this is, it could be a large closet full of used computer parts

I will edit this post as we get a better idea of what we want to do.

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MWeb uses member donations to pay for all the community’s online expenses, printing T shirts, and purchasing supplies for the summer/winter .M. Gatherings. In the past we’ve rented servers but as it stands now we’re only paying for web hosting … Continue reading

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Last AMV Monday, Openings Edition

I’m retiring this weekly post do to lack of feed back, it just doesn’t feel to be doing anything, I like feed back, otherwise it just feels like I’m posting only for myself. So here’s the last one for now. … Continue reading

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avatar And on the 3rd volume, it was good! Yes friends, the final Portal 2 soundtrack, volume 3 is now available & still free for download. A 24 pack of tasty tracks that will feed your ear’s need to ingest … Continue reading

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