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Natural Selection 2

As you probably know, Natural Selection 2 is an indie developed RTS/FPS mash up. Unknown Worlds had a great idea to populate their game upon launch. Anyone who pre-purchased Natural Selection 2 has received a giftable free copy of the … Continue reading

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Summer Moodle Gathering 2012

June 23rd, One week away! Next weekend we’ll be swatting mosquitoes, gaming outdoors and heat permitting; paintballing. Lots of people have expressed excitement about it though I’m still not sure of how many will actually be attending. We have the … Continue reading

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Zombie Mall

This is pretty sweet. If I’m ever in Europe…

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Run For Your Lives
avatar This is a 5k obstacle course race.. with zombies! Participants can sign up as either a runner or a zombie. If you choose zombie they do the makeup for you and you choose to be a sprinting or shambling(or … Continue reading

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I still like Killing Floor

Ok, so the game is a few years old now. In fact it’s 7 years old. Well, sorta. It began as an Unreal 2004 mod until Tripwire picked it up and ported it to their Red Orchestra engine in 2009. … Continue reading

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Dead Island: Final Thoughts

Finished it! Albeit more of a personal preference, I think the game really shines in coop mode. For sure in the most obvious/logical sense that all the voice acting and cut scenes assume there are four heroes. I completed about … Continue reading

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‘Cause we love Ronald Jenkees! I stumbled upon Sequence a bit ago on steam. It’s a rhythm based game with strong RPG elements, fully compatible with current rhythm gamepads and most importantly a soundtrack by Ronald Jenkees and some other … Continue reading

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Hardware/Software Exchange

Building a second computer? Need a new video card? Have computer parts taking up closet space? Extra copies of something on Steam? Giving away free? Want to barter? Trying to sell? Most of us build a new computer every few … Continue reading

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MWeb uses member donations to pay for all the community’s online expenses, printing T shirts, and purchasing supplies for the summer/winter .M. Gatherings. In the past we’ve rented servers but as it stands now we’re only paying for web hosting … Continue reading

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Dead Island: First Impressions

Conceptually fantastic. Great ‘feeling/atmosphere’. Bad design/attitude. The basic concept of Dead Island is wonderful. The locale is new and refreshing and the combat is very impressive considering guns are secondary to melee weapons. Dead Island does a good job at … Continue reading

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