Donations are great. They are really really neato.

It’s always been our philosophy at MoodleWeb to have full disclosure
about everything, but especially when it comes to the financial matters. It’s
a leap of faith to give hard earned dollars to faceless internet people, so
we are always sure to document and publish when we receive any donation. By
being public with our finances (both earning and spending) we hope to reassure
everyone that the money was received and — in the same good faith it was given
– is being used for the benefit of all. is happy to accept donations to help keep the community up and running.

Example reasons to donate could be:
- Non-specifically (support the community in general)(future costs)
- Support the Ventrilo server
- Support the Web space (domain/hosting costs)(PayPal fees)
- Moodle Gathering support (food/drink, prizes, supplies, fees)
Please let us know during the PayPal process (or Emailus when you’re done) if you would like to specify what your donation is for.

Again, all accounting is reported on this page.

To donate, click here:

To make a monthly recurring donation, click here:

Payment Options

If you are making monthly donations, and wish to stop, click here:

We give thanks to all these generous people that have donated in the past:

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